Various Skills with its Importance and their Uses

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Working Voices – Presentation skills, Communication skills, Interpersonal skills working voices teaches interpersonal communication skills.

communication skills course

Everything from Presentation Skills to Leadership Development

  • Voice Coaching,
  • Writing Skills,
  • Image Management,
  • Cultural Diversity and Memory Methods

Launched in 1998, Working Voices provides courses in the United Kingdom and Overseas and engages a hand-picked group of coaches to meet the requirements of a customer list that includes some of the world’s most prestigious firms. You will find out more about our people in a minute also.

  • our articles relevant, up-to-date, Practical
  • our style high energy, higher interactivity, Fun
  • Our people expert, seasoned, Effective.

About our classes

If you have been on a path that was dull or uninformative if delegates Left it ill equipped to set the principles into practice from that moment forward the takeaways as we call them then the course was not one of ours. Groups, seminars, and one-to-ones: here is what we teach.

Presentation Skills

Presenting ourselves, our company, and our instance and it is what we are all doing all the time. This extensive suite of communication skills course is all about doing these things correctly and confidently and getting the results we desire.

  • Presenting
  • Pitching Skills
  • Body Language
  • Anger Management
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Essential Communication Skills

Leadership Development

Working Voices’ leadership development programmes concentrate on your supervisors – the men and women who hold the key to making your business successful and profitable. Ours is a package of special and proven one-to-one coaching methods and team-building exercises.

  • One-to-one Leadership Programmes
  • The Chi of Success
  • Leadership Unplugged
  • Coach the Coach

Voice Coaching

Your voice says facts about you, face, on the telephone or by voicemail. It may say decent humour, energy, and gravitas. It may say dull, uninterested, and impatient. And, of course, it may say nothing whatsoever if it is unclear or unintelligible. These courses deal with the pitfalls.

  • The fantastic Voicemail
  • Speaking English Definitely for Business

Decision Making the Most of Your Voice

Training courses on communication skills are commonplace, and with any Luck your employer, if you are not self employed, will have a class or series of courses they could arrange for you. The Kind of class you should do depends on the reason for needing the course a course on public speaking would differ to one on communication with your employees, or employees. You can also find classes on verbal communication skills, phone skills, written communication skills.  It is really a matter of deciding, along with your boss, if you have one, that is the priority path for you.